2015 m. rugpjūčio 25 d., antradienis

ERASMUS+ AcroYoga themed Youth Exchange in Croatia

AcroYoga in a tie kviečia prisijungti prie jaunimo mainų AcroYogos tema Kroatijoje šį spalį.

  Tiesiai po mūsų kas metinio pasirodymo Litexpo parodų rūmuose Spalio 3-4 dienomis keliausime į Kroatiją toliau dalintis patirtimis susijusiomis su AcroYoga Spalio 5-15 dienomis.

  You can check the venue below:

If You want to participate please fill the form drive.kuglis.eu/AcroYoga-Application_Form
and send filled and signed form to Info@AcroYoga.lt

Facebok group: fb.com/groups/AcroYoga-Croatia

Some more photos of places we plan to visit and the venue it self below (or You can just visit the group) 


And You can rest Your muscles in a swimming pool after long day :)

2014 m. liepos 22 d., antradienis

Documents to fill and apply

All You need to know is in these two files (but 3 links):

The .doc version to fill the details: https://drive.kuglis.eu/Call_for_Participants.doc
Print version to fill details: https://drive.kuglis.eu/Call_for_Participants.pdf
The declaration of Honor: https://drive.kuglis.eu/Declaration_of_Honor

Then You have filled all the details required by the forms please send them to the person managing Your country and a copy to info@AcroYoga.lt ;

  Contact people for participating countries are as follow:

  Respective contact people from every country are responsible for choose participants.

  We are very happy and delighted to have this project ready and waiting for many participants from so many countries.

2014 m. liepos 21 d., pirmadienis

Check our Venue:

  In this place we are staying and eating ;-)


  This venue is in a UNESCO world heritage site. We will have a separate housing apartments in a peninsula inside a clear water lake by the green hills of ancient Lithuanian capital city.

We will have free Wi-Fi for our unlimited sharing which we encourage very much as must for an European Union project.

Hello everyone,

  we started preparation process and here, at this blog, You shall find all the information, which can be posted un-protected in order to participate in the project.

Now we have added Link to our Body parts file: ErasmusDocs.Kuglis.eu/BodyParts

Karolis and Toma helping with few main body part names from Tallin, Estonia.

If You like the sport more, than information on the photo, please refer to places there are more of the beauty:

Have a nice day ;-)