2014 m. liepos 22 d., antradienis

Documents to fill and apply

All You need to know is in these two files (but 3 links):

The .doc version to fill the details: https://drive.kuglis.eu/Call_for_Participants.doc
Print version to fill details: https://drive.kuglis.eu/Call_for_Participants.pdf
The declaration of Honor: https://drive.kuglis.eu/Declaration_of_Honor

Then You have filled all the details required by the forms please send them to the person managing Your country and a copy to info@AcroYoga.lt ;

  Contact people for participating countries are as follow:

  Respective contact people from every country are responsible for choose participants.

  We are very happy and delighted to have this project ready and waiting for many participants from so many countries.

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